Wch 2023 Åsarna
On-Snow World Championships
& World Masters 2023


Required vaccinations for all dogs, including dogs not racing:
Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus-2 (Hepatitis and tracheo-bronchitis), Parvovirus and "Kennel cough" (Parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica).

All vaccines must have been administered more than 21 days before the official day of opening of the stake-out (NOT the day when the dog starts to race!). Validity of vaccinations as stated in the dog’s passport. To evaluate the validity of vaccinations ONLY the "dog passport" or the "dog vaccination booklet" will be taken in consideration. These documents must show for each vaccination the date of injection with the stamp and the signature of the veterinary who did it.

Note 1) Kennel cough vaccinations have to protect against BOTH Parainfluenza AND Bordetella bronchiseptica (as with INTRANASAL or INJECTABLE vaccines). Only if the dog is protected with an injectable vaccine against Parainfluenza given not longer than 1 year before (as in DHPPi vaccine), then the ORAL vaccine for Bordetella bronchiseptica is accepted.

Note 2
) In addition to previous vaccinations Leptospirosis vaccination is not mandatory, but STRONGLY recommended.

Note 3
) Rabies vaccination is mandatory also for dogs living in Sweden and Norway.

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The race veterinarians have created the dogs examination form. Please find it here.
This form is available also in the race office.

Every starting dog will be examined and the result will be documented on an examination form. Each starting dog has to have its own form!
Competitors need to bring the filled out form to the pre-race physical examination.

Competitors needs to fill in:
Line 1: Musher name - Nationality - BIB - Class
Line 2: Dog Name - Date of Birth (of the dog) - Chip Number

EVERYTHING else is to be filled in by the veterinarian!

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Some countries require a mandatory Echinococcus (Tapeworm) treatment before travelling back home from Sweden. 
It is recommended to do this deworming in proper time, according to the international rules.
In case that deworming needs to be done on race site, dog owners need to make a specific appointment with race veterinarians and bring their own tablets, while the veterinarians will only check the administration and confirm it in the passport with stamp, signature and correct date and time.

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On the Swedish Department of Agricultures website (www.jordbruksverket.se) you can read the rules for bringing your dog into Sweden.
Rules for bringing your dog into Sweden you can find here.