ECh-EM 2024 Finland
European Championships
& European Masters Dryland 2024


Location and venue

Jämijärvi - Jämi

Jämijärvi is a small municipality located on the west coast of Finland, in the Satakunta region.

Jämijärvi's pride, Jämi, is mother nature's gift to a mobile person. Jämi is called the Lapland of southern Finland. In the peaceful pine forests of Hämeenkangas, you can hike, bike, play frisbee golf, orienteering, horse riding and dog sledding, also guided. ATVs and snowmobiles have their own routes. 
Dozens of huts and log cabins in the open ridge landscapes offer a place to rest, for example during a berry picking and mushroom picking. 

In Jämi, everything is possible, dreams are achievable. You can already ski in autumn or golf in February, climb in the adventure park and paddle on Jyllinjoki. 

In Jämí you can walk with your head in the clouds, that possibility is guaranteed by aviators who fly in the sky and jump with parachutes. 

The driving distance from Tampere and Pori is just under an hour. The trip from the capital region to Jämi takes about three hours. Ikaalinen and Kankaanpää are located a 20-minute drive away. You can find the distance in kilometers in the picture on the right.

You can read more information about Jämi here.